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Arizona's freelance website designer specializing in custom website design and redesign. Complete, custom, freelance websites and mobile websites. Having a website is one thing, being able to find it is another. Get the website you've always wanted, exactly  the way you want it.  Follow my progress from start to finish as I bring your domain to life. Custom web design with enhanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) integration options. The websites that rank on the first page are the websites that get all of the business. Stand out from all the rest with a website you can certainly be proud of. Whatever your website project, we can make it happen! 
DESIGN ELEMENTS: There are four main ingredients you must use when building a website
Any information or materials used should be relevant to the website and target the public around the business needs that the website represents.
The graphics and text should be consistent of a single style that flows throughout and should be professional, appealing and relevant.
The interface and navigation should be simple and reliable and very user-friendly.
The site must also be easy to find via most, if not all, major search engines and advertisement media.
Freelance Web Design
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About Me
My name is Christie and I'm a freelance web designer based in Mesa, Arizona. Not only do I build websites out of enjoyment, I do so passionately. The power of digital technology and all the advancements already achieved, are key factors that keep me striving to improve my work so that someday it will prevail. Im grateful and thankful for the people who have given me the chance to create their digital presence. Without them, I would be serving no purpose on the web.

Resume     |     LinkedIn     |    Facebook     |    YouTube     |    Google     |    My Facebook     |     Ongoing Project     |     Rover.com
NOTE: I do not or will not design or build websites containing any of the following content:

-  Bad treatment of animals
-  Any type of animal cruelty
-  Hate / Racism / Prejudice
-  Porn of any kind
-  Unauthorized copyright material
Simple Logo Design
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For a while, people encouraged me to start up my own Business and Website. I honestly put it off because I didn't know where to start with all of it. I am a Psychic/Medium, but, I knew nothing about creating a business for myself. Christie Peterson at Wildcat website design was the person that I chose to create the website that I needed for my business. Choosing her company was the smartest decision that I have made by far! She took every idea and implemented it into my website down to the smallest details of easy function for my customers. The color scheme and the layout are amazing! If it wasn't enough that she made the most amazing website, she did it in less than three days! On the day of lunch, she did test each aspect of my website with me to ensure that it all worked properly. She made any changes that I asked her to. I can't imagine having a more supportive person backing me in a time that I am launching my very first business! Thank you so much for all that you did for me!

Fara Gibson
We want to say Thank You for our website! As a local non profit charity we were in need of help for websites and  our 2014 project website. Worried that the deadlines were coming fast. Christie not only came through for us but far exceeded what we hoped for. With very little to go with she presented us with a site that was exactly what we were looking for and so much more! We were absolutely amazed and awed, She has a talent and skill that reaches far above expectations! We can't thank you and recommend you enough.

(I see that you are a Blessing to many people and it is not just us!)

Loretta Broughton, President, Charity Never Faileth
It has been an extreme pleasure doing business with Christie Peterson.  Although we have a completely virtual relationship, my expectations were met from beginning to end.  Her genuine imagination helped bring to life a concept that had been years in the making.  With very little direction or over site, Christie gave us a website that we can be so proud of and I can’t wait to have her work on other projects in our organization’s future.  I can’t thank Christie enough for all her hard work. 

Brandi Sokolosky - Phoenix Pride - Executive Director
"After struggling to get my website off the ground for sometime on my own, I finally found Christie. From inception to the final launch of the site you went above and beyond to make sure the design and layout was what I imagined it would be. Your use of keyword placement, optimization and suggestions for product description has moved the site high in the rankings on all of the major search engines. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I am quite proud to be affiliated with such a high quality website."

Dr. Joseph Lopez - Cosmetic Surgeon
Truly on top of her game and right on time with everything I needed start to finish.

Randolph Bail Bonds,  Kelby Randolph
Christie, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you!  You really exceeded our expectations the web-site turned out perfect!  Again, great job and we have another site to be built and can't wait to work with you again. I'll be happy to recommend you to our fellow bondsman and friends.


Jim @ Academy Bail Bonds
One day I was referred to Christie as a person who knew how to create flyers for shows and websites for bands.

I sent an email to Christie explaining what it was that I was looking for. In NO TIME did I have a quality flyer for the upcoming show for my band Tricus! The quality and speed in which this flyer was made impressed me enough that I wanted to take it a step further and inquire about a website for my band.

I mentioned this idea to Christie. Again, before I even got to ask her the things I wanted for my band, she had a link to a website that blew me away! I could not believe that I was looking at a quality website that had so many of the things I wanted and more. Christie took the ball and ran with it. She did not need to be asked twice about getting something done! She created more than I had even thought of and the result is impressive. Check out www.tricusrocks.com and see for yourself what I am talking about.

Christie is my girl. I love her work and she is my go to girl for all things graphic design from this point on.

George Contreras / Founder/Tricus
Christie is not only talented in web design, but talented in LIFE in general. What a great experience to work with such a pleasant, and hard working woman. Her prices are extremely reasonable, and the business traffic to my site has increased immediately. Christie Peterson is the BEST!!!!!

Warmest regards,

Linda Scatena, Pack Leader / Pampered Paws Pet Sitting
Working with Wildcat Website Designs was a pleasant experience. After having had our websites created several different times, we were a little skeptical what may or may not happen. Christie was not only professional, she was helpful, creative, efficient and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her services to all that may need website assistance. Thank you again Christie great job! 

Thank you,
Shawn & Jennifer Tucker / Hillside K-9 Academy
The essence of Butterfly Massage was captured by Christie and put into a Beautiful flowing Sacred website design. Her ability to tap into what I represented is truly a gift. Her abilities are superior to what I have seen. Thank you Christie for building and maintaining such a perfect representation of Me.

Paula Leeper / Butterfly Massage
Thank you so much for the awesome work you have done for me. I never dreamed that my website would become a real live piece of art that keeps people coming back.  Before I contacted you my website was ordinary and very boring. I didn't visit it at all because I knew how blah it really was. No wonder I received very little orders before.  Since the facelift of that dull site, you turned it into action and since has tripled the orders and the hits to my site.  I can't thank you enough. I will always come back to you when anyone needs this type of work. You are my friend now forever!
Thank you respectfully,

Brent Hollenberg - Unlocked World Phones
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